10 November 2010

Targeted markets

Tap Into Highly Targeted Markets and Let Others Do All The Work

With Affiliate Marketing You Only Pay for Results It is through affiliate marketing that you can start to tap into these highly targeted markets and get hundreds of other websites to start promoting your brand, products, and services.

By getting expert sites with related content and targeted newsletters to recommend your products and services you could see your sales more than double! What's more, affiliate marketing is 100% performance based and risk-free.

If your affiliates end up delivering you lots of traffic but zero sales then you owe nothing! That makes affiliate marketing even better than pay-per-click advertising because you only pay for results. Affiliate marketing can drive your sales further than you ever imagined, especially if done well.

Here are a couple of advanced affiliate marketing tips, tricks and techniques that might come in handy as you get familiar with affiliate marketing.

Try Different Affiliate Payout Structures

There are many ways to pay affiliates. Themost basic way is to offer a straight commission per successful transaction. However, depending on your site or service this may not be the best payout structure. You can also try paying affiliates per visitor or per sign-up for a free course or research report.

The key is to try different payout structures and measure what works. All of the affiliate management software packages on the market offer tracking that allows you to set the payout any way you like it.

Build a Two-Tiered Affiliate Network

In a single-tiered affiliate network, your affiliates get paid for every successful transaction. In a two-tiered affiliate network, your affiliates have the opportunity to earn additional income. That is because in a two-tiered network affiliates can recruit other affiliates to join your network and they get a commission for every sale that comes from one of the affiliates they helped to recruit.

A two-tiered affiliate network can be a win-win relationship because it gives the affiliates an incentive to help you recruit other affiliates into the network.

Outsource Your Affiliate Marketing

A successful affiliate marketing channel does not build itself! It requires someone to invest the time and energy to recruit new affiliates, to activate them and to make them successful. This is hard work, different to building up your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, because it requires you to work with many people.

If this is too much for you to handle, you can outsource all of the work to an affiliate management company. These companies are in the business of managing affiliate programs for other companies.

By far the single best company that is offering this service is PartnerCentric. Linda Woods, the founder of PartnerCentric is legendary in her industry and is called an "affiliate goddess" by her peers.

Once you implement these webmaster affiliate program tips, you'll be well on your way to earning the kind of affiliate income that will keep you in style for years to come.


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