23 April 2009

Faster,Better Way to Research Stocks

Business Valuation Expert Invents Faster,Better Way to Research Stocks

Ian Campbell is a Canadian recognized as one of that country's most influencial business valuations experts. He manages his own equities portfolio. Now I don't know about you, but that would scare the heck out of me; but he seems to quite enjoy doing it.

Campbell told me that it wasn't that easy in the past. He got tired of wading through financial web sites, newsletters, and other data for what seemed like endless hours each week. He has been in the financial industry for more than three decades, so he knew from experience the best way was to solve this problem was to tackle it himself.

Speaking of unending hours, how many did you spend last month? Were you like me, wading through the data quagmire -- that unending labyrinth of data related to the stocks you're following? Personally, it irritates me to no end.

Perhaps you're one of those who like to manage your own portfolio. Maybe you're interested in the Canadian Small Cap Mining and Oil & Gas Industries; or you're a financial adviser with clients interested in these sectors. If so, you've likely experienced 'the problem' - the huge waste of your valuable time -- pouring over charts, tables, financial documents and websites, when accessing economic, industry and company data on the web.

Campbell commissioned proprietary survey research in both the U.S. and Canada. Among other things, it asked how much time respondents spent researching stocks on the Internet. Ian's consumer research indicated that 80 percent of those retail stock investors surveyed in the U.S.A. and Canada spent up to 10 hours per month, researching stocks, bonds and other financial affairs on the Internet. One would think that it is a reasonable assumption that 80 percent of all individual retail investors do not spend time managing their own portfolios. These people assist, or perhaps they collaborate; but mostly they rely on the expertise of an investment adviser for assistance. This begs the quesion as to why these folks are on the Internet doing their own research,investigating stocks? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that the research also asked these same respondents a few questions about how they felt regarding their own investment advisers.

The answers were illuminating to be sure! Let's just say these 80% are not taking any chances. They want to know exactly what is happening with their portfolio and how to ensure that their own Investment Advisor focuses on their financial affairs. Campbell was sure he was on to something. He was confident that thousands of other investors must feel like him: frustrated with the way online investment research was done; and what he had to work with. He decided to conduct even more research to see if the market needed and would be willing to pay for a unique membership web site that would take the data - the material that drives most of us bananas - and properly organize it in a way that he and those other investors had never seen before.

Campbell continued and made other relevant data more easily available. Now those who wanted to manage their own portfolio, or just keep an eye on it; or who have an IA working with them, could be more organized; work faster. The IA's would also put this new 'tool' to good use. The results were more reliable too.

Campbell had been an influencial valuation expert for more than three decades. He knew that if he could solve these problems,putting all this in one website, he just might have the answer. The result was a very special web site, which launched recently.

This is how most great ideas come about. In this case, one very frustrated individual investor, decided he had had enough of the time-wasting, so he set out to do something about it. Now everyone can access this faster, better way of researching stocks.

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