22 April 2009

Sniff it out

In a downturn or recession - whatever you prefer to call it - there is one little luxury that we are loath to give up. Perfume is an indulgence that makes us feel happy, sexy and beautiful. What else gives you so much continuing enjoyment for so little?

For an instant mood lift, try a fragrance created by Calvin Klein perfume, for example. He has amassed a loyal following after his success in designing clothes and accessories. Based on that reputation, the perfumes and colognes are always expected to be good.

I also like Anna Sui perfume. This is another fashionable designer who has turned to scent in order to give a full lifestyle option to enthusiasts for the brand. If lingerie is your thing, then you now have access to Agent Provocateur perfume - you can be sure that will be alluring and lasting!


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