14 August 2007

Online Business Fast and Cheap

I have been looking at the Resale Rights market again and here are some more tips to get you started. Domain names are crucial to your success, I know I have probably mentioned this before but your business will suffer if you start up using a domain that is really owned by someone else. That includes sites like freewebs and blogger (yes I know this is a blogspot domain but it is not my primary site).

Get web hosting and a domain name

You need web hosting to enable you to publish your website or blog on the internet. You will have to pay a monthly rental to a web hosting company which will display your site on the internet, but that fee can be as low as $10 a month. Go to Hostgator to get cheap and reliable hosting -

You need a domain name to give you a professional web address that people can remember and visit your site any time they like.

A domain name looks like this: www.brilliant4.com and usually ends in .com , .net , .org , and now there is a trend to buy extra domain names which end in .mobi, these are optimised for display on a cellphone screen. Go to GoDaddy to find and register your domain name for under $10 per year!



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