09 May 2007

Your portable checker

I know someone who needs to lose at least three stones in weight but there seems to be no way they can change their lifestyle to have any effect on their weight. Everybody knows that you need to be aware of the food you are consuming every day, and take enough exercise to make sure you are using more energy than your daily caloric intake. Well now there is a new hand-held gadget that is a combined Electronic Handheld Calorie Counter, Portable Diabetes Carb Counter, which looks set to make a big difference and help anybody keep track of the statistics. By using a smart hand held device like this, the whole operation becomes more enjoyable so anyone trying to lose weight is more likely to monitor their intake. Logging the amount of calories, carbs and fat you are consuming during the day, and the energy burned during exercise is just much easier with an Electronic Calorie Counter, Handheld Calorie Counter, Food Diary. The device is already loaded with data on many typical meals and their calorie counts. You can easily add details of any meal or ingredient that is not on the list, then the CalorieSmart device works everything out.



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