07 March 2007

Wiley X

ADS Sports Eyewear is an optician-owned and operated company with refreshing approach to its products, to keep the choice simple and straightforward. They offer a selection of the best styles for active individuals, because they understand that looking good while playing outdoors is important. Because of their optical pedigree they have considered every product that they stock and only feature glasses that provide superior protection for your eyes, unparalleled value, and extraordinary style.

So when this company includes the new line of Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses, you know they have passed the company's exacting standards. The most notable improvement in the new Wiley X collection is the removable foam eye cups that snap in behind the frame. This allows the user to convert a fashionable Wiley X sunglass into an effective goggle in seconds. The attachment points on the Wiley X eye cup are well designed much less likely to be dislodged accidentally. The new photochromic lenses are also very popular. All of these new Wiley-X glasses can be made with prescription lenses right in the frame.ADS Sports Eyewear has all of these Wiley-X glasses competitively priced, and each one comes with a free Deluxe Leather Hard Case. (a $19.00 value.) Wiley-X motorcycle glasses and Wiley X sunglasses and are great for people who play outdoors or go fast. Many Wiley-X motorcycle sunglasses have a unique padded eye cup to protect eyes from wind, dust and water.Wiley-X lenses are designed for a variety of lighting conditions. Most Wiley-X sunglasses are available with prescription lenses. The Wiley-X "Light Adjusting" lenses are photochromic sunglasses that darken in sunlight. The Lifetime Warranty option also applies to Prescription Wiley-X sunglasses.

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