10 April 2008

Gold help

Gold is much more than just a beautiful precious metal, it also serves as an investment vehicle that is both tangible and liquid (easily traded). To see the advantages, consider the difference from property - tangible but not liquid, or stocks and shares - liquid but not tangible. Through the centuries the services of a coin dealer have proven the value ogf gold as a portable and valuable currency. It is a dense and valuable metal, ounce for ounce. Gold, unlike silver, does not corrode and stays just as beautiful during storage. As a modern investment method you can buy gold easily and leave it in safe storage, or keep it at home, and the investments at Monex can guide you through the process. You can buy your gold bars in a variety of weights and sizes ranging from 1 gram right through to the massive "London Good Delivery" bar, weighing in at 400 troy ounces.



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