05 April 2007


Shopping with a clear conscience just got easier at AutoCity101.com. They have set up a very imaginative charitable project that means whenever you visit the website and browse their list of Free Used Car Classifieds you will also be helping orphaned children. The website is donating a large share of its profits to develop an orphanage network, based initially in Mexico and later spreading worldwide. Natalia's House, the orphanage in Mexico City, is scheduled to break ground later this year. This is a laudable idea and a first for a Free Car Classifieds company.
While most websites are created with profit as the driver, this site was set up specifically asa method of making the orphanage a reality. The next time you are looking for a pre-owned car, make sure that Autocity101 is your first port of call and help their efforts for orphaned children worldwide - and please tell your friends!
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