29 December 2006

Agloco update

Well I know this site must be REALLY good because the reaction has been so positive. I have had a high number of signups from my subscription list, who have seen the benefits of free signup at this site:
1.AGLOCO pays you, as an Internet user, your fair share of the value created while you surf.
2. AGLOCO's free virus checked software puts you in control of what arrives on
your screen and what data you allow outsiders to collect.
3. AGLOCO is a 100% Member owned company which rewards the Members who
help build the company. Founder Members of the site will never pay to be a part of it.

In its first month, AGLOCO signed up tens of thousands of Members and created enormous Internet 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search talk about AGLOCO).
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