28 November 2006

How to Make Money From Blogs and Websites

I went to an Internet Marketing seminar in London last month with my partner, John. The situation is that I had left my job in January, and spent the year researching ideas and adopting my dog, Kevin! John will leave his job near the end of 2007: we will both be in our fifties by then. If we had been a few years older we'd be collecting early pensions, but we seem to be the inbetweenies of the Baby Boomers. I was totally up for a home based web business, John wasn't sure. Especially, he was suspicious that the seminar was going to be some sort of scam. Now I'm not soft but I was really optimistic and confident that we'd learn something. After an hour at the seminar John was a believer! I didn't say 'I told you so', simply smiled along with his enthusiasm. This is the type of thing we learnt on the first morning:
Look for an easily targeted Niche market and find a product it is hungry for. Look for the problems that people have and provide a solution that they will pay for.
BE VERY SPECIFIC- “Golf” gets 64 million results- target a group who want to start!
To be continued

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